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iq, m0m, 0j, cc, o, dh, Bill Tracker - Roofing Contractors Association of California
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Bill Tracker

The following is a list of bills RCAC is tracking. Become an RCAC Member to:

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Bill Name: Disability Access: Construction‑Related Claims
Bill Number: CA AB 54

Bill Name: Employers: Salary Information
Bill Number: CA AB 1676

Bill Name: New Motor Vehicles: Emission Standards: Penalties
Bill Number: CA AB 1685

Bill Name: Vehicular Air Pollution: Advanced‑Technology Vehicles
Bill Number: CA AB 1710

Bill Name: Contractors: License Requirements: Recovery Actions
Bill Number: CA AB 1793

Bill Name: Applicants for Employment: Criminal History
Bill Number: CA AB 1843

Bill Name: Contractors: Trust or Custodial Benefit Plans
Bill Number: CA AB 1865

Bill Name: Regulations: Legislative Notice
Bill Number: CA AB 1868

Bill Name: Discrimination: Equal Pay: State Contracting
Bill Number: CA AB 1890

Bill Name: Worker’s Compensation
Bill Number: CA AB 1922

Bill Name: Compensation: Meal and Rest or Recovery Periods
Bill Number: CA AB 1948

Bill Name: Common Interest Developments construction Defects
Bill Number: CA AB 1963

Bill Name: Vehicle Retirement and Replacement
Bill Number: CA AB 1965

Bill Name: Jail Industry Program
Bill Number: CA AB 2012

Bill Name: Election Process: International Election Observers
Bill Number: CA AB 2021

Bill Name: Election Process: Transportation Districts: Contracts
Bill Number: CA AB 2030

Bill Name: Solid Waste: Home‑Generated Sharps
Bill Number: CA AB 2039

Bill Name: Supervised Population Workforce training Grant Program
Bill Number: CA AB 2061

Bill Name: Work‑Based Learning Opportunities
Bill Number: CA AB 2063

Bill Name: Public Contracts: Construction Manager/General Contract
Bill Number: CA AB 2126

Bill Name: Workers Compensation: Language Interpreters
Bill Number: CA AB 2230

Bill Name: Division of Labor Standards Enforcement: Duties
Bill Number: CA AB 2261

Bill Name: Public Contracts: Business Development
Bill Number: CA AB 2270

Bill Name: Contractors: Home Improvement Salespersons
Bill Number: CA AB 2286

Bill Name: School Facilities
Bill Number: CA AB 2316

Bill Name: Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Bill Number: CA AB 2320

Bill Name: Alternative Energy Financing
Bill Number: CA AB 2334

Bill Name: Workforce Development
Bill Number: CA AB 2344

Bill Name: Public Contracts and Small Business Contracts
Bill Number: CA AB 2358

Bill Name: Workers’ Compensation
Bill Number: CA AB 2407

Bill Name: Community Colleges: Grants: Credentials
Bill Number: CA AB 2412

Bill Name: Division of Occupational Safety and Health
Bill Number: CA AB 2437

Bill Name: Labor Code Private Attorneys General Act of 2004
Bill Number: CA AB 2461

Bill Name: Labor Code Attorneys General Act of 2004
Bill Number: CA AB 2462

Bill Name: Labor Code Private Attorneys General Act of 2004
Bill Number: CA AB 2463

Bill Name: Labor Code Private Attorneys General Act of 2004
Bill Number: CA AB 2464

Bill Name: Labor Code Private Attorneys General Act of 2004
Bill Number: CA AB 2465

Bill Name: Contractors’ State License Board
Bill Number: CA AB 2486

Bill Name: Daylight Savings Time
Bill Number: CA AB 2496

Bill Name: Workers Compensation
Bill Number: CA AB 2503

Bill Name: Sales and Use Taxes: Exemption
Bill Number: CA AB 2518

Bill Name: State Contracts: Nondiscrimination Clause
Bill Number: CA AB 2557

Bill Name: Solar Companies: Solar Energy Systems
Bill Number: CA AB 2699

Bill Name: Workforce Development: Out of School Youth
Bill Number: CA AB 2719

Bill Name: Employee Safety: Injury Prevention Programs
Bill Number: CA AB 2895

Bill Name: Unlawful Employment Practice: Parental Leave
Bill Number: CA SB 1166

Bill Name: Public Contracts: Water Pollution Prevention Plans
Bill Number: CA SB 1170

Bill Name: Public Contracts: Workers’ Compensation: Requests for Payment
Bill Number: CA SB 1175

Bill Name: Contractors: Discipline
Bill Number: CA SB 1209

Bill Name: Income Taxes: Credits: Qualified Employees
Bill Number: CA SB 1216

Bill Name: Income Taxes: Credits: Small Business Saving
Bill Number: CA SB 1272

Bill Name: Construction Related Accessibility: Public Entity
Bill Number: CA SB 1406

Bill Name: Taxation
Bill Number: CA SB 1445

Become an RCAC Member to view the above bill descriptions, see current status, read RCAC’s position, and download a copy of RCAC’s position letter.

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