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i, r, njb, jv, cc, i60, r, o16, aa, xkk, rp, Contact Us - Roofing Contractors Association of California
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Contact Us

Marc Connerly, Executive Director

Email: mconnerly@connerlyandassociates dot com

Maria Wihren, Assistant Executive Director & Accounting Specialist

Email: maria@connerlyandassociates dot com

 Alisyn Gularte, Member & Sponsor Director

Email: alisyn@connerlyandassociates dot com

Simone Youngblood, Communications Director

Email: connerlycommunications@gmail dot com

Lilia Hernandez, Administrative Assistant

Email: info@connerlyandassociates dot com

Accounting Assistant

Email: accounting@connerlyandassociates dot com

Katie Haven, Social Media Specialist

Email: connerlysocialmedia@gmail dot com

Association Office:

Golf Course Superintendents Association of Northern California
2235 Park Towne Cir., Floor 2, Sacramento, CA 95825
Phone Number: (916) 485-6364
Fax Number: (916) 485-6374