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4y, Membership Benefits - Roofing Contractors Association of California
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Membership Benefits

From now until the end of the year:

If you are not a current RCAC member, accept a quote from Warren G. Bender Co. (regardless of whether you move your insurance or not) and receive one full year of membership with RCAC for free. (Minimum $40,000 premium for all lines combined to qualify for this promotion.)


As your voice in Sacramento, RCAC fights for the best interests of roofing contractors and the unique circumstances inherent to our industry. Workers’ compensation reform, Proposition 65 settlements, labor laws, and retention reform are just a few of the many issues RCAC addresses before the state legislature each year in Sacramento.


California RoofPac is RCAC’s Political Action Committee, funding legislative advocacy, political causes and candidates in support of the California roofing industry. California RoofPAC derives its funds from member contributions and, as deemed necessary by the RCAC Board, the Annual Challenge Cup Golf Tournament.


RCAC members have full access to our RCAC Bill Tracker in our Members Only Area! The tracker lists all of the bills currently being monitored, details about the bill (bill number, author, summary, current status), as well as RCAC’s position.


Members receive free training for ALL employees at the annual “Safety Days” seminars, held in both Northern and Southern California, covering a variety of important topics including:

  • Ladder safety
  • Fall protection
  • Heat illness prevention
  • Personal protective equipment


Members have unlimited access to:

  • Information
  • Education and training
  • Safety services
  • Expert advice
  • Marketing
  • Networking opportunities


With membership, you receive priority and unlimited access to resources that will help you successfully manage your business, including advice on safety, Cal/OSHA regulations, current legislation, air quality issues and best business practices.


RCAC offers free webinars for members covering relevant topics such as “Title 24 Building Efficiency Standards for Cool Roofing,” “Solar for Roofers,” and “Safe Employee Driving Practices and policies.”


Members enjoy access to Bender U, online educational offerings presented by our endorsed insurance broker, Warren G. Bender Company.


Members receive:

  • An average savings of 15 to 20 percent on general liability and auto insurance
  • A free written safety inspection
  • In-house claims management
  • X-Mod forecast

Services provided by RCAC’s endorsed broker, Warren G. Bender Company (www.wgbender.com or 1-800-479-8558).


RCAC has partnered with Flyers Energy to provide RCAC members with a discount of $0.05 per gallon on all fuel purchased
at over 550 Flyers retail and card lock locations in California. The average Flyers customer will pay for their RCAC annual membership dues with just five months’ worth of savings from Flyers!


RCAC members receive discounted legal services from a professional law firm well-versed in the issues of the roofing industry. The law offices of Abdulaziz, Grossbart & Rudman offer members:

  • A discounted rate of $75 for a 20-minute initial consultation
  • Limited free assistance for routine simple questions
  • $25 per hour discount for ongoing fees


RCAC has partnered with NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association) to offer RCAC members 20 percent off the NRCA member or non-member price when purchasing NRCA roofing publications.


Email Alerts are distributed to the entire membership every other week with information pertaining to the roofing and construction industry, and topics impacting small business owners in California.


Members receive a quarterly electronic newsletter, California Roofing, and updates covering industry issues, regulatory changes, safety, legislation, and business-related topics and events.


RCAC Associate members have many opportunities to market their product or service, including:

  • Discounted rates on advertising in RCAC’s quarterly publication
  • Posting of your company logo, website link and contact information on RCAC’s website
  • Your company logo and website prominently displayed in each quarterly newsletter


RCAC members have the opportunity to be involved and represent the industry by participating on RCAC committees and the California RoofPAC. Attendance at the Legislative Summit in Sacramento will keep you informed about important issues facing the California roofing industry, and participation at the annual golf tournament enables members to network with roofing professionals from all over California.


RCAC promotes to consumers the importance of selecting quality materials and professional roofing contractors. Members are listed in RCAC’s Member Directory, where consumers can search for roofing contractors.


With RCAC membership, you have access to our Members Only Area, where you can:

  • Pay membership renewal dues
  • Update your membership details
  • Register for meetings
  • Access Members Only content, including our Bill Tracker, safety documents, and more


Members are listed in our Member Directory, where visitors can search for contractors by specialty, zip code, company name, and more.


The Boneyard is RCAC’s free classifieds service. Through The Boneyard, RCAC members can sell used equipment, request equipment, sell leftover materials, and solicit employees. Members can post ads to The Boneyard for free, and anybody, including the general public, can view and reply to the ads.


What projects have been keeping our contractors busy lately, or what projects have they recently completed? Members are highlighted in our Members in Action feature showing them at work. Working on a residential tile project? Just completed a single ply project? Members in Action features our members’ current or recently completed work. We highlight our Members in Action contractors in our Email Alerts, and on Twitter and Facebook.


You chose to set yourself apart from the rest, and your reward is to tell people about it. Displaying the RCAC logo on your website and customer correspondence enhances your company’s credibility and image.


If you have any questions about RCAC Membership, please don’t hesitate to call (916) 485-6318. You can also feel free to email Marc Connerly, RCAC Executive Director at mconnerly@connerlyandassociates.com, or Corinne La Fazia, RCAC Membership Director at clafazia@nrca.net.